The Logger Timber Pot Set

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The Logger Timber Pots are handcrafted pots. Made from natural paulownia wood materials, they're raw and earthy making a real natural statement, bringing the outside in. Paulownia wood is known to be the fastest-growing hardwood, making it a more sustainable wood selection.

Each pot has its own unique shape, variance in sizes and natural grain. Due to the nature of the material, the craftsmen and women may have used fill to patch any imperfections. Overall, these elements add to the beauty of each piece and they are not considered imperfections.

These pots must not come in contact with water, therefore; we do not recommend  planting directly into it them. Recommended for indoor use only, with a drip try to protect the wood.  



Small Approximately 18 Ø x 18cm

Medium Approximately 20 Ø x 23cm

Large Approximately 22 Ø x 28cm