Retyred - Classic Pots

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The Classic Pots are the smallest and most conical in shape of the Retyred Collection. Bound together with heavy duty nylon thread they will certainly test time and the elements, indoors or out. 

Retyred stands for furniture made from a constantly growing raw material – old tyres.

Experienced and brand new, beautiful, distinctive and durable; creating outstanding strong combinations. Retyred shows brand new furniture with lots of experience.

Each piece is handmade, and therefore, unique in its own way.



Small Approximately 21 Ø x 20cm

Medium Approximately 25 Ø x 22cm

Large Approximately 26 Ø x 24cm

Extra Large Approximately 33 Ø x 26cm 

Maxi Approximately 37 Ø x 28cm