Munash Organics - Love Your Plants Gift Box

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Love Your Plants Gift Box, purchase for yourself or a loved one and their plants. Beautifully wrapped, drop us a line via the delivery instruction and we'll hand write a thoughtful note of your wording. 

Munash Organics - Love Your Plants Gift Box includes:

1 x Soil Food tin 400g

1 x Seaweed Tonic 200ml

1 x Foliage Spray 500ml

1 x Gift Box and Note


Feed the Soil - Indoor Plant Soil Food

Munash Organics have carefully crafted a natural mineral soil food made especially for indoor plants.  The minerals gently nourish the soil, which in turn feeds the plants with 67 life giving minerals to give new life to your indoor plants and help them thrive. 


Feed the foliage - Indoor Plant Foliage Spray

Is a liquid formula containing 40 essential micro minerals. Liquid sea minerals are ionic minerals or ready to go minerals which the leaves absorb naturally. Research proves that the plants and soil with a higher content of minerals are less stressed, healthier and minerals assist with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal problems. No Smell  nor residue. 


Help the Plant to Grow - Indoor Plant Seaweed Tonic

Munash Indoor Plant Seaweed Tonic is a lush seaweed concentrate which you simply add to water to support indoor plants to grow and thrive. Made from sustainable Australian Bull Kelp with added plant growth minerals, this tonic is perfect to encourage the ongoing growth and health of your indoor plants.

For best results, use the Indoor Plant Seaweed Tonic in conjunction with our Indoor Plant Soil Food and Indoor Plant Foliage Spray.  This lush sea mineral tonic will assist these two products to work more effectively completing the synergy between our Indoor Plant Care Range.

"We balance the soil so things grow naturally the way nature intended. We call ourselves a Soil Health company, not just a fertiliser company!" - Munash Organics

Designed & made with love from our family to yours in Ballarat, Victoria.