Munash Organics - Foliage Spray

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A natural mineral spray made especially for Indoor Plants. This gentle blend of minerals derived from the sea will give your leaves a nourishing boost, keeping them healthy, green and happy.

Munash Organics Foliage Spray is a liquid formula containing 40 essential micro minerals. Liquid sea minerals are ionic minerals or ready to go minerals which the leaves absorb naturally. Research proves that the plants and soil with a higher content of minerals are less stressed, healthier and minerals assist with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal problems. 

In essence plants thrive on minerals. Munash Organics spray is certified organic and is safe to use in and around your home.  No smell and no residue on the leaves.

"We balance the soil so things grow naturally the way nature intended. We call ourselves a Soil Health company, not just a fertiliser company!" - Munash Organics