Lamprocapnos spectabilis 'Valantine' - Red Bleeding Heart

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Native to northern China, Korea, Siberia and Japan. Formerly known as Dicentra spectabilis 'Valentine', and is a newer addition to the Lamprocapnos Genus. Lamprocapnos are a gorgeous perennial with masses of red heart shaped flowers with white lockets on long arching stems. They make sensational cut flowers. Their delicate deeply lobed leaves are ideally situated in a shaded position, mass planted under trees or as potted specimens indoors or out. A must have for the aspiring plant collector.

Sold pre-bloom. 

Pot size: 14cm

Care level: Novice to Green Thumb

Feed: Regularly during the growing season

Light: Filtered - Shade

Water: Moderate - High

Soil: Moist and well-drained 

Size: Up to 50cm

Toxic: Yes