Hidehisa - Black Mini Flower Shears

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Hidehisa Mini Flower Shears are especially designed for pruning flower stems and are ideal for florists or anyone who loves to take cut flowers from the garden. Unlike other indoor plant shears, Hidehisa shears have small handle rings for ease of inserting the blades' edges on to intricate branches or stems. 

Due to their size they are also perfect for fine bonsai work or pruning small houseplants. 

Each piece is hand forged and sharpened using traditional methods. As such, each tool has its own beautiful variations and irregularities. 

Care Instructions:

These shears are made with high carbon steel. Like all carbon steel tools, they can rust if not cared for properly. Please make sure to wipe them clean and dry after use.  If you're planning on storing them for an extended period of time, we recommend oiling them with camellia oil or a light machine oil.

Please handle with care.

Hand-made in Japan.