FELCO 310 - Picking Snips

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Just one look at the slender cutting head is enough to inspire high expectations of the surgical precision of the FELCO 310 picking and trimming snips. Redefining your idea of what is a hard-to-reach area, these snips can cut small branches and are perfect in minimising wastage when picking flowers and fruit. The ergonomic handle design means both small and large hands will be able to bring unstoppable manoeuvrability to every cutting job. 

Features and specifications:

The lightweight construction of the FELCO 310 promotes easy manoeuvrability and handling required for trimming and picking tasks.

Ergonomic handles made from a strong composite material ensure comfortable pruning and trimming.

The construction and reliability of the stainless-steel cutting head ensures you can perform pruning and trimming jobs with confidence.

The easy nut adjustment of the blade means you can always get on with the job.

Heat treating and hardening know-how to provide you with a long lasting ultra-sharp cutting edge.

The flexible spring cushions your hand while ensuring your cutting is quick and responsive.

An easy opening and closing mechanism keep the tool at the ready for work or storage.

Red handles underline our heritage while acting as a convenient beacon, so you can always find your FELCO tool in any environment.

Made in Italy. 


FELCO 310: L 18.5cm x D 1cm. 110g