Grow Better

Grow Better Garden Products started in 1991 and has been servicing the horticultural industry ever since. The original product, a pelletised organic fertiliser, is still an important and integral part of the business. It has been followed by an ever growing range of other organic and organically based fertilisers, soil improvers, mulches, potting media and water saving products. In the years since, Grow Better has earned an enviable reputation in the Australian marketplace for its quality products and is now considered a market leader.

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

Berrybank Farm (Ballarat) is the manufacturing base for the Grow Better range of potting media. An environmentally sound operation where-by products of processing are harnessed to generate electricity, with excess fed back into the national grid. The facility produces a range of quality potting mixes that have excelled in numerous independent trials against those of reputable competitors.

Grow Better Quality Assurance and Distribution

Grow Better achieved Biological Farmers Association (BFA) certification for several organic products (others pending) with a range of potting media manufactured to the exacting requirements of appropriate Australian Standards.

 Grow Better branded products are available only to independent garden centres, and are not supplied to chain stores or supermarkets. Grow Better manufactures, packs and distributes exclusive branded products for the Plants Plus and Grow Master retail nursery groups.

The Indoor plant Gallery use Grow Better Garden Products in our larger scale commercial installations, due to the size and scale of the products we don't offer them in our online store. Feel free to get in contact should you like order their products with us.