Sarah Louise Ceramics - Camo Planters

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Sarah Louise Ceramics Camo Planters are designed, hand thrown and glazed in Melbourne by Sarah Louise to the finest detail from Stoneware Clay.

Featured here are six different variations of this fabulous style, viewing left to right they are as follows:

Medium Planter With Saucer Approximately

Large Planter With Saucer Approximately 

Large Hanging - Without Hanging Holes 

Large Hanging - With Hanging Holes 

Medium Hanging - Without Hanging Holes 

Medium Hanging - With Hanging Holes 

Small batch and individually made by a true artisan. As these planters are individually handmade, carved and glazed. Slight variations in shape and appearance may occur which makes them all unique in their own amazing way.

Macrame Hanger manufactured by The Indoor Plant Gallery from locally sourced 5mm Premium Cotton Macrame Rope. 



Medium Planter With Saucer Approximately 11.5 Ø x 10cm

Large Planter With Saucer Approximately 14.5 Ø x 12cm

Large Hanging - Without Hanging Holes Approximately 14 Ø x 11cm

Large Hanging - With Hanging Holes Approximately 14 Ø x 11cm

Medium Hanging - Without Hanging Holes Approximately 12 Ø x 9cm

Medium Hanging - With Hanging Holes Approximately 11 Ø x 9cm