The Plant Runner

Co-Founders Dominic and Duncan are qualified horticulturalists who bond with people over their love of plants. They share their knowledge in clear and accessible language to give plant-lovers the control over their own plants leafy destinies. 

Dominic and Duncan have created a quality selection of accessories, tools and materials that reflect craftsmanship, quality and longevity. You won’t find these items down at the local shop. These items are designed to be part of a lifestyle, proudly used and displayed; not hidden in a garden shed. 

As plant lovers they have taken steps to reduce their environmental impact by using minimal packaging, removing the use of single use plastics where possible and selective procedure stock that has minimal single use waste.

Relationships with plants can be meaningful, enduring and enriching; so can relationships with people. Dominic and Duncan are hands on the tools in their business, supporting their customers over time at markets, at events and of course online. Talking with customers about plants is their dream!

"Dominic and Duncan are a pleasure to work with and we absolutely love their products, just as much as our plants do!" - The Indoor Plant Gallery