Retyred stands for furniture made from a constantly growing raw material – old tyres. Experienced and brand new, beautiful and distinctive, durable and comfortable, creating outstanding strong combinations. Retyred shows brand new furniture with lots of experience.

Furniture with profile? Definitely – on the one hand, due to the character of the designs, and on the other hand, due to the raw material with which the team works.
Founders Monica Corser and Bernie Kudernatsch have created a versatile collection of furniture which is characteristic in design, mature in production and extremely durable and comfortable in use. 

“The idea is wonderful and the implementation is first class. Why should only newly mined materials be something special? What does it mean to use an unconventionally renewable raw material, which is present in vast quantities and is still incredibly robust? We are only limited by our own mind, because the design is great, the material incredibly comfortable and robust and the processing is highly sophisticated.” Says Monica Weinzettl from Kastl Werksatt in Vienna.

 Designed in Byron Bay by Monica Corser and Bernie Kudernatsch.